SDS Search Tips

When searching for Safety Data Sheets we ignore spaces, punctuation, and case. Typing P(e C- will get the same results as typing pec.

By default we wrap "wildcards" around the text you type in the Product Name search box. So we will find all of our products where the product name Contains your search text.

If you change the search type to Starts with we will only put a wildcard at the end of your search text. Typing the first few characters of a product name will find all of our products that start with those characters.

Is like means that we will not add any wildcards; you must add leading and/or trailing wildcards and you may put wildcards within your search text. Use an underscore, "_", as a wildcard to search for any single character and the percent sign, "%", as a wildcard to search for any group of zero or more characters.

Exactly matches means that we will not add any wildcards and wildcards you add will be treated as those literal characters.

You can limit your search to particular formats or languages. Use the control key Ctrl on your keyboard to make multiple selections.

Making a selection in the format selection box will change the language selection to All languages as we try to avoid combinations that will not result in at least one match. After making format selection(s) you can change the language selection.

If you need help finding an SDS, please contact